The Global Learning Programme (GLP)

The Global Learning Programme (GLP)

The GLP will help schools develop an ethos promoting tolerance, fairness and respect. Clive Belgeonne and Rob Unwin are seconded as joint GLP national leader for the north of England. Their role involves supporting participating primary and secondary schools to experience the exciting impact that knowledge and understanding of global learning can bring to pupils’ learning across the curriculum. 

Teachers involved in the GLP will work with colleagues in local schools to drive forward global learning across the curriculum, share best practice and engage in funded CPD opportunities.

What are the aims of the GLP? 

The GLP is intended to be a whole school programme. Global learning principles should be apparent in the curriculum, pastoral work and in the wider life of the school. It is not just about global learning being delivered through geography or any other single subject, or about the occasional assembly.
The GLP aims to:
• help young people understand their role in a globally interdependent world and explore strategies by which they can make it more just and sustainable,
• familiarise pupils with the concepts of interdependence, development, globalisation and sustainability
• enable teachers to move pupils from a charity mentality to a social justice mentality
• stimulate critical thinking about global issues, both at a whole school and pupil level
• help schools promote greater awareness of poverty and sustainability
• enable schools to explore alternative models of development and sustainability in the classroom.

For more information about the Global Learning Programme go to: www.globaldimension.org.uk/glp or contact Clive Begleonne or Rob Unwin.

Progress Report for 2017
  • Although the programme was due to finish in December, it was given an extension by DfID until July 2018.
  • With over 7,100 schools now registered, DfID has now been carrying out a nationwide consultation on what should come after the GLP.
  • In October, the GLP has a successful conference in London at which the DfID Head of Education spoke of the benefits of the programme, and promised some form of follow-on programme after July.
  • There will be a regional GLP conference in the spring term - look out for details!

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