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Our passion for Global Education
DECSY exists to promote Global Learning: an approach to education that increases understanding of complex global issues, such as inequality, conflict, climate change, migration and different world views.

We work with teachers and many others involved in education with the aim to inspire and inform so that educators can confidently bring the global perspective into their teaching.

How we work
We offer a range of training courses to teachers and schools, with our skilled staff providing support for understanding current events as well as understanding of complex global issues.
Current courses cover issues such as climate change (climate anxiety, eco-anxiety), gender equality, stereotyping and critical thinking and include:

  • Planning a broad and balanced curriculum through global learning
  • Engaging with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Philosophy for Children
  • Gender Equity in Schools – a whole-school approach (Gender Action)
  • Sustainability and Climate Change – developing a whole school approach
  • Teaching topical, controversial and sensitive issues

We work on specific projects that enhance Global Learning teaching resources and research.
Current projects include:

  • Gender Action
  • The Schools Linking Network – linking pupils across different schools in Sheffield and Rotherham
  • Non-violent action: a force for change

Recent and current funders and supporting bodies have included:
European Union, DFID, The Nineveh Charitable Trust, Sheffield City Council, The Linking Project, and individual donors.

Our History
DECSY was established in 1984 as one of 23 Development Education Centres in England. Initially Registered Charity: 517354, in 2013 we became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (no.: 1153377). DECSY is run by education workers, resources and advice worker, administrator, project workers and volunteers. An executive committee of volunteer members has overall responsibility for the Centre.

We are a member of the The Global Learning Network (TGLN) (previously Consortium of Development Education Centres (CoDEC)) which brings together independent, non-for-profit organisations that support and deliver global learning in schools and communities across England.
Go to www.thegloballearningnetwork.org for further information on Global Learning.

Our current funders are: