Our Work

Project Work

Our Global Learning projects are listed on the right, with more details on each project page.

Current projects include:
– creating and trialling lesson plans and teaching resources for the Non-violent action: a force for change project
– delivering the Gender Action Schools Awards Programme
– delivering The Schools Linking Project for schools in Sheffield and Rotherham
– an Outdoor Learning and Schools Gardens project with primary school pupils in Sheffield

We are currently receiving project funding from:  Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, Mission 44, The Nineveh Charitable Trust, The Linking Network.

Global Learning Training Courses and Workshops

DECSY runs in person and online training for teachers and other educators and our courses reflect and respond to schools priorities and needs and current events to fully support transformative learning.

New courses include: Anti-Racist Education Workshop, Diversity Workshop, Teaching topical, controversial and sensitive issues.
For more information on current courses: decsy.org.uk/courses

Training courses participant feedback

Building a Broad and Balanced Curriculum Through Global Learning

‘A thought provoking course that challenges the basis of why, and what for, we are educating children.’

‘Fascinating course which has given me the tools I needed and requested to create next steps.’

‘An inspiring day full of thought-provoking conversation and opportunities to ask questions and challenge your understanding.’

Climate Change – a whole school approach

‘ Thank you for a very useful course about the most important issue the world is facing!’

‘Was good to bring issues to the forefront.’

Engaging with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

‘Very thought-provoking and inspiring – made me consider how I could teach my class and make changes to my own life!’

Gender Equity in Schools – a whole school approach
‘ Thought-provoking and inspiring. So helpful to have space to reflect on such important issues.’

‘Useful training to think practically about how to create a better understanding of how schools can respond to the issues of Gender and adopt a whole school approach.’

Global Teacher Award

‘Another great session with real meaning, delivered by professionals with a huge range of knowledge.’

Philosophy for Children (P4C) Introduction session

‘I just want to convey my gratitude for the P4C introduction course today, it was truly wonderful. Helen was so engaging and attentive, the other attendees were lovely too!’

‘A really inspiring and useful introduction to P4C, clearly setting out the model for a P4C session. Every teacher should have this training!’

Philosophy for Children (P4C) Level 1

‘A very thought-provoking course, with lots of practical skills and activities to explore with children.’

‘I really enjoyed the online course. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, answering all of our questions and allowing us all to have a voice.’

‘One of the most interesting courses I’ve done.’

Philosophy for Children (P4C) Level 2a

‘I’ve learnt a lot in a short space of time and it’s reignited my enthusiasm.’

‘If anyone is keen to develop thinking skills in their school, then this is a great course for them… I wish I had done the course years ago.’

Philosophy for Children (P4C) Level 2b

‘Really fascinating and productive course. It’s given me loads of new ideas!’

‘I felt encouraged and supported as P4C lead both by the facilitator and colleagues on the course. Lots of ideas to take back to school.’

Coping with Covid

‘A clear and detailed introduction to the classroom resources, highlighting the importance of understanding the bigger picture as well as the known data.’

‘Incredible course. The trainer was amazing, he had a fantastic way and I wanted to learn more. Would definitely recommend this course!’

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