Our Work

DECSY runs training sessions and workshops for teachers and other educators using a range of approaches. In 2017 we ran 80 Global Learning training sessions with over 1600 school teachers, early years practitioners and trainee teachers. 

Our staff are involved with Global Learning projects including creating a Gender Equality Charter Mark for secondary schools (funded by the EU), The Schools Linking Project, an EU funded project to incorporate maths into citizenship lessons (PiCaM), a variety of Philosophy for Children (P4C) courses and an Outdoor Learning and Schools Gardens project with primary school pupils in Sheffield. See our Project pages for more information on all the projects we are involved with.

We are currently receiving funding for our project work from: the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme, DFID, Ernest Cook Trust, The Nineveh Charitable Trust, Open Gate Trust, Sheffield City Council, The Linking Network.


These are some of our recent courses, with comments from participants.


Global Learning Programme, 2018

‘I feel more confident in going with what I think – not necessarily what I think is right, but questioning the children and getting them to discuss it. And helping children understand there isn’t a right of wrong answer always.’

School Linking Project, 2018

‘It seemed to enable less confident children to have voice and the space to develop and express themselves.’

Broad and Balanced curriculum course, November 2018

‘Fascinating course which has given me the tools I needed and requested to create next steps.’

‘An inspiring day full of thought-provoking conversation and opportunities to ask questions and challenge your understanding.’

Gender Equality in Schools, October 2018

‘A hugely beneficial and thought-provoking training, with lots of practical tips to take away.’

Gender Equality in Primary Schools should be required reading by all teachers. Absolutely relevant in today’s society.’

Philosophy for Children Level 2b, October 2018

‘Practical and fast-paced training course. I feel inspired to deliver more P4C’

‘Fab resources and tutors. What a great experience.’

Philosophy for Children – understanding and thinking about extremism and terrorism, September 2018

‘A fantastic afternoon celebrating the P4C work, thoughts and achievements of young people across South Yorkshire on the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.’

Philosophy for Children Level 1, March 2018

‘Thank you for all the advice, suggestions and stimuli to make this a great course!’

Philosophy for Children in EYFS, March 2018

‘This has been the most practical training course I’ve been on as I went straight back to school and used it with great results.’

Developing as an Eco-School, March 2017

‘Excellent day. The resources in the Resource Centre are superb!’

Our current funders are:

Funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union