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Project update – April 2019

For a variety of reasons, this project experienced various delays which meant that Sheffield Organic Growers have been unable to continue their time commitment to Outdoor Learning and School Gardens. The knowledge and experience they have provided has been invaluable.

As we move towards summer, with better weather for outdoor learning visits, we are pleased to report that our new project partner is Freeman Biodynamic Farm at High Riggs. Teachers from Nether Edge and Valley Park Primary Schools visited the site this month in preparation for pupils beginning a set of three visits to the farm.

Project overview

DECSY and Freeman Biodynamic Farm are supporting primary school pupils in Sheffield to gain hands on experience of an organic farm, paired with classroom learning surrounding sustainability based on those experiences.

This project takes primary school children to a local organic farm to give them the experience of hands-on learning in the outdoors and to learn where their food comes from. During the year these visits will be paired with classroom learning that will introduce ideas and debates around healthy eating, climate change and sustainability. Finally, this learning will be put into practice through the creation of a growing area on location at the school.

This project is being made possible by generous support from The Ernest Cook Trust, The Nineveh Charitable Trust and The Open Gate Trust.

Freeman Biodynamic Farm

Located in Stannington, bordering the Peak District, the Freeman Biodynamic Garden provides fruit and vegetables for Freeman College, Brentwood Specialist School and the Fusion Cafe. Thanks to much hard work over the last three years High Riggs has been changed from a disused tree nursery to a new highly productive market garden. The garden also provides Freeman College students with experience in learning how to run a vital food service and working in the community.

Project update – October 2018

Sheffield Organic Growers have visited two project schools to support them in preparing to create vegetable growing areas in the school grounds. Pupil visits from two project schools to the Sheffield Organic Growers site are being arranged for the Autumn term.

Sheffield Organic Growers (SOG)

Sheffield Organic Growers are a group of independent certified organic growers, on a 12-acre site, situated in the Moss Valley on the outskirts of Sheffield. They grow produce that they sell through independent grocers in the city. The growers are certified by either the Soil Association or the Bio-dynamic Association. All the growers are united in their drive to support the local community, environment and economy and aim to reconnect people with where their food comes from.     sheffieldorganicgrowers.com

Our current funders are:

Funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union

The Fore
Nineveh Charitable Trust
The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

Co-funded by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union

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