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Teaching Resources
Get ready for the World’s Largest Lesson in the week beginning 23rd September, when teachers all over the world are encouraged to teach about the UN’s Global Goals. The theme this year is to help children and young people focus on the future and shape the world they want to see. There’s a wide range of materials that cover many aspects of your curriculum – from developing tech skills to creative thinking and expression. Also included is an information sheet with further ideas and resources for teaching about the Global Goals.

-DECSY has developed a variety of educational resources. Download for free the highly praised KS2/3 history resource: Colonialism, Slavery and The Industrial Revolution. A Case Study: The Empire in South Yorkshire 1700 – 1860.

P4C Stimuli
-a list of P4C resources (books, film clips, poems, animated stories, website links) tried and tested by our P4C facilitators.

Gender Equality Charter Mark evaluation tool
-DECSY, teachers and gender equality experts have developed and trialled a tool to enable a school to measure progress in tackling the effects that gender stereotyping still has on pupils in relation to both subject (and career) choices and as a root of sexual harassment and gender-based violence in schools and wider society. An off-line version of this tool is available here. Please read the instructions for this on our Gender Equality Charter Mark project page.

P4C Level 1 course content
-P4C is an approach to learning and teaching which enhances children’s thinking and communication skills, boosts their self-esteem, and improves their academic attainment. Level 1 introduces theories and practice of P4C. 

Global Object Collections
-a collection containing a selection of authentic objects sourced from the country and specific topics accompanied by a comprehensive Teacher’s Folder with background information. Ready-to-use activities and lesson plans included.


The Centre would be delighted to hear from individuals who wish to support DECSY through a covenant or gift aid. Please contact Jane at DECSY for details.

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Funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union