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Teaching Resources
DECSY has developed a variety of educational resources. Download for free the highly praised KS2/3 history resource: Colonialism, Slavery and The Industrial Revolution. A Case Study: The Empire in South Yorkshire 1700 – 1860.

Also available: Olaudah Equiano in Sheffield – a set of resources for teaching about the history of slavery and abolition. 

P4C Stimuli
A list of P4C resources (books, film clips, poems, animated stories, website links) tried and tested by our P4C facilitators.
A new film resource ‘Roots’ has been added on 22nd March 2021. This is a beautiful and moving, 8 minute animation that tells the story of us all, whether we come from a family that’s stayed in the same area for generations, or have travelled half way round the world in search of somewhere safe to live. Possible concepts: Belonging, Migration, Home, Refugee

Gender Equality Charter Mark evaluation tool
DECSY, teachers and gender equality experts have developed and trialled a tool to enable a school to measure progress in tackling the effects that gender stereotyping still has on pupils in relation to both subject (and career) choices and as a root of sexual harassment and gender-based violence in schools and wider society. An off-line version of this tool is available here. Please read the instructions for this on our Gender Equality Charter Mark project page.

P4C Level 1 course content
P4C is an approach to learning and teaching which enhances children’s thinking and communication skills, boosts their self-esteem, and improves their academic attainment. Level 1 introduces theories and practice of P4C.

Global Object Collections
A collection containing a selection of authentic objects sourced from the country and specific topics accompanied by a comprehensive Teacher’s Folder with background information. Ready-to-use activities and lesson plans included.

The Centre would be delighted to hear from individuals who wish to support DECSY through a covenant or gift aid. Please contact Jane at DECSY for details.

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