The following recommended resources have been tried and tested by a group of teachers during a ‘Preparing for Fairtrade Fortnight’ workshop in 2013.

Many thanks to Dore Primary School in Sheffield for sharing their Fairtrade School Policy, planning from One World Week and a Powerpoint about how they achieved their Fairtrade School status.

Here is an updated grid, originally developed with a group of teachers a few years ago, with learning outcomes from KS1-5 linked to recommended resources about Fairtrade (many of which are free and available on-line).

A trade justice planning activity carried out by teachers at the ‘Preparing for Fairtrade Fortnight’ workshop and a link to the World on Your Feet blog which records the work on trade justice and training shoes carried out by Stephen Cole with his class.

More resources and materials on Fairtrade are available in the Members’ Area of the website and include a powerpoint presentation about the tea trade in Kenya developed with Rimas Tankile-Morris who has first hand experience of the tea trade in Kenya. It shows the different stages of tea production and is designed as an introduction for looking at who gets what when you buy a packet of tea.

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