Resources for Home Schooling – updated January 2021

January 26, 2021

DECSY staff have put together a selection of resources aimed at children / young people learning at home. They are aimed at parents and carers but can also be used by teachers and in some cases for self directed study. Let us know if you find them useful and do suggest any further resources for an updated version.
Click here for the updated Resources for Home Schooling pdf: Homeschooling links Jan 21

This list includes a variety of new links including: 
How to stay calm in a global pandemic: Dr Emma Hepburn – With over 20 years of experience as a psychologist, she started sharing her doodles from therapy sessions with people on social media to make mental health support more accessible and open up the conversation about how to stay well. Very useful guide for adults with ideas that can be adapted for use with young people.

The resources and links cover the following topics:
Talking about the coronavirus
Talking about big questions
Global issues
Gender Equality
Diversity / Decolonising the Curriculum
Inspiring Young People
A Better World Post Covid 19?

Many of the links are related to global learning / development education / education for sustainable development / diversity which is our professional field (see more at  +  – this is a useful site for range of resources).

You can register with DECSY as an individual member for free and access online resources, including interesting stimuli for discussion that we use with the methodology Philosophy for Children – more on our website

Also some useful resources in DECSY past project sites, Gender Respect (see Teaching Ideas) ,  &  – not all links may be working but if you have any queries ask me.

For those of you not in the South Yorkshire area, we are part of a national Consortium of Development Education Centres (CoDEC) . You can find out your nearest DEC at

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