Non-Violent Action: A Force For Change External Evaluation

We are very happy to announce that we have now published the external evaluation for our Non-Violent Action: A Force for Change project. The report can be found here.

  • The project had significant impact on pupil knowledge and profound long-lasting impact on teachers.
  • Pupils were able to increase their vocabulary of non-violence, leading to positive changes in attitudes, peer interactions and behaviours.
  • The use of the dialogic learning method, Philosophy for Children, provided a critical learning framework through which to explore the topics, resulted in improved discussion and thinking skills and had a positive impact on behaviour.
  • The project had a substantial impact on teachers – whether they were involved for 2 years, or just attended a training event. It increased awareness of non-violent action for change amongst teachers either through new case studies, or looking at existing topics through a new lens – such as WWII events.
  • Some schools have been able to embed project teaching and materials in their school curricula year on year.
  • There is some evidence to suggest that the project improved behaviours across the whole school.

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