Free History Key Stage2 and 3 teaching resource to download

June 23, 2020

Colonialism, Slavery and The Industrial Revolution. A Case Study: The Empire in South Yorkshire 1700 – 1860

This DECSY publication receives consistently outstanding reviews. A useful resource to cover Key Stage 3 History study unit: Britain, 1745 – 1901 (History in the National Curriculum, 2014).

This resource is free to download from the Teaching Resources page of the Members’ Area. (DECSY Membership is free; to become a Member sign up on the Membership page).

‘This is the best teacher resource I’ve encountered, not just in relation to this topic, but across all of my teaching. I have been using this resource consistently for 15 years, first as a secondary history teacher, and subsequently as a PGCE tutor. It incorporates multiple perspectives, provides real (and really interesting) source material and includes some fantastic classroom activities that work brilliantly. I’d recommend it to anyone teaching history as a key resource.’    Lee Jerome, Lecturer in Education, Queen’s University, Belfast.

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