Taking Action

Taking Action

This series of lessons takes learners through a participatory step by step process of thinking about issues they care about in their school or local community; choosing an issue; researching it; deciding on the change they would like to see; deciding on an action; planning, doing and evaluating the action. These lessons are designed to take place after learners have experienced some historical case studies and the contemporary case study lesson but could also stand alone as an active citizenship activity as a day event or for a school council. The ideas are based with permission on the resource Get Global! Oxfam, 2007, as well as on real life planning of actions for change. It is important that learners are given the freedom to decide for themselves whether they wish to take action or not and the kind of change they would like to see but also that they are supported by adults to ensure that they have a positive experience of change being possible or at least understand what more they need to do to achieve this.

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