SEAL and the Global Dimension

The key objective of this project is to provide clear pathways and appropriate resources for embedding the Global Dimension within the SEAL programme, engaging school pupils in global and development issues.

Carbon Partners

Carbon Partners will develop your school partnership by using carbon foot-printing as a real and tangible example of global injustice and empowering students to make a difference.

Oxfam – Teaching Controversial Issues

This revised and updated version of Oxfam’s popular guide recognises the seismic shifts in social and political contexts in recent years. It seeks to support educators in developing essential skills that allow learners to constructively discuss their own values and ideas, and develop as active global citizens.


SAPERE is the Society for Advancing Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education.
Founded in 1992, SAPERE is the internationally recognised educational charity that brings together a network of people throughout the UK practising and promoting philosophical enquiry for children and communities, often referred to as P4C.

Geography and the Global Dimension

This Geography Goes Global WordPress website has been created to share teaching resources developed by the six teachers who were part of our ‘Geography and the Global Dimension’ project.

Connecting Classrooms

Access to online CPD developed with DECSY, face to face courses and curriculum materials.

Gender Respect

This is a new WordPress site for DECSY’s Gender Respect Project. We will put updates on here of the work in schools as they become available. There will also be a list of tried and tested P4C stimuli and links with other relevant websites.