Education Endowment Fund Teaching and Learning Toolkit recommends P4C

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The EEF aims to raise the attainment of children facing disadvantage by identifying and funding promising educational innovations that address the needs of disadvantaged children in primary and secondary schools in England. The Teaching and Learning Toolkit provides guidance for teachers and school leaders on how best to use their resources to improve the attainment of all pupils. Trial evaluations give details of effect size, evidence strength, impact and cost.

Philosophy for Children (P4C) is mentioned explicitly in relation to two interventions which are effective in raising outcomes:

Meta-cognition and self-regulation: approaches (sometimes known as ‘learning to learn’ approaches) aim to help learners think about their own learning more explicitly. These approaches have ‘a high impact with very low cost based on extensive evidence’.

Oral language interventions: interventions which emphasise the importance of spoken language and verbal interaction in the classroom. ‘Overall, studies of oral language interventions consistently show positive benefits on learning, including oral language skills and reading comprehension.’

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