Planning a Broad and Balanced Curriculum through Global Learning,Introduction Session, on-line course

The National Curriculum is only part of a broader School Curriculum. This course aims to enable teachers to plan a curriculum that links to real world issues through global learning, which has been shown to motivate and inspire teachers and pupils. There will be a focus on the importance of developing a holistic curriculum that links knowledge, skills and values to enable young people to become critically-informed and active learners.
The course is delivered as three workshop sessions. The introduction session will enable teachers to make the first steps in planning a curriculum that links to real world issues by focusing on the intent. The continuation sessions are available at an intermediate / advanced level focusing on curriculum development, teaching and learning, development of whole school ethos, pupil behaviour and values. Sessions can be booked separately or as a package.

Dates: Introduction session: Tuesday 16th March 2021 (4pm – 6pm)
Continuation sessions: Wednesday 17th March, Thursday 18th March (4pm – 6pm)
Cost: £30 per session or £80 for all three sessions


 ‘A thought provoking course that challenges the basis of why and what for we are educating children.’ (course participant, 2019)


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