FREE course – Global Teacher Award – Level 1 Accredited Course

Training at DECSY

This course runs over two afternoons. Actual dates of the course are as follows:
Wednesday 6th March and Tuesday 19th March 2019 (1.30pm – 4.30pm)

This course provides you with a nationally validated qualification and enables you to develop the skills and confidence to incorporate global learning in the curriculum and promote active global citizenship with pupils. Through the Award you will consider your understanding of the knowledge base and key concepts associated with education for a just and sustainable world; be able to identify a range of different perspectives and question the assumptions behind them; enhance your understanding of approaches to learning based on critical literacy in order to explore themes such as diversity, sustainability, interdependence and social justice.

Outline of the course:
Key Global Concepts – exploring the fundamentals of global learning
Perspectives – questioning pupils’ and teachers’ assumption
Approaches to Learning – developing critical thinking skills
Applying Learning – in the classroom, the curriculum and beyond impact
Measuring Change – tools for evaluating

Did you know that when you attend a GTA course, you are also eligible to apply for the Global Schools Award for free via the self-assessment route. To find out more visit: The Global Schools Award.

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