Gender Equality in Schools – a whole-school approach, online course

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Session 1 and Session 2 combined: Tuesday 8th November 2022, 12.30pm – 4.30pm

Educational institutions are recognising the need to take issues of gender injustice much more seriously in the wake of the Ofsted Review of sexual abuse in June, the new safeguarding duties around sexual harassment in the Ofsted Inspection Handbook of September 2021, the raised profile of the women’s safety following recent murders and the testimony of tens of thousands of girls and women at schools and colleges about rape culture on the ‘Everyone’s Invited’ website. DECSY and Gender Action have considerable experience in working with issues of gender equality and education. 

Really recommend this, great for practitioners to have their eyes opened to things that we wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise.
(Course participant, 2021)
This was a great workshop. Very informative, good pace, all relevant. (Course participant, 2021)

Course Aims
  To look at issues around gender, society and power and how these relate to schools (issues such as gender stereotyping, sexual harassment, sexist language and subject choices).
  To look at ways that schools can improve gender equality, including through the curriculum and how to ensure a whole-school approach.

Session 1: Looking at Issues of Gender Equality in more depth (see aims)
Session 2: Developing a whole-school approach, including Gender Action accreditation – an award programme which promotes and supports a whole-school approach to challenging stereotypes. (Including: Personal practice Student voice – Curriculum and learning Internal and external communications and Engagement with parents, carers and the  wider school community.)

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