P1040016Philosophy can be used to improve teaching and learning, for the lasting benefit of individuals and communities.

Philosophy for Children aims to encourage children (or adults) to think critically, caringly, creatively and collaboratively. It helps teachers to build a 'community of enquiry' where participants create and enquire into their own questions, and 'learn how to learn' in the process.

DECSY has been using P4C within global learning since our project in 2005 when we discovered that P4C was an ideal approach for discussing controversial global issues and for developing the skills and attitudes essential for global citizenship.

Since that project we have incorporated P4C into many of our other projects including Building Communities Through Dialogue, Geography and the Global Dimension, Critical Objects (Global Collections).

We have delivered training sessions to over 1400 ITE students, teachers and other educators. Click on the links to the left to find out more.

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